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Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Eldon T. Bixby. I am 116 years young and arrived by train on a cold December day. I was named for Tams Bixby, my godfather. Tams handed down a magic candy cane for me to watch over the town and its citizens. I have been to war with my brothers and sisters and have shucked corn by my family’s side. We had so much fun visiting everyone last year. We stayed close to home this past year and helped the Historical Society turn their museum into Santa’s House. Stop by and see Santa every Thursday – Sunday from 4 till 8pm through December 22nd. Our magic is even stronger this year, we will be by Santa’s side every day until we hide December 21st. Remember we multiply each day with magical powers!

 I invite each of you to come with us as we travel through downtown Bixby! Each day I will post a clue of where we will be visiting in Bixby. Keep checking  and follow us as we travel through Bixby.

 This Historical Society has our travel logs ready and they are available to pick up at the following locations:

Bixby Community Center – Bixby Library – Bixby Ice Cream Company

Scott’s Hamburgers – Copper Key Coffeehouse 

Kathy Sue Photography – Johnsons Stepping Stones Café 

The Bixby Historical Society

Here are the clues for our Travels

December 1st: Ellie and Elliot are reading Christmas Stories!!

Answer: They went to the Bixby Library. Such a great place for learning!!!!! 

December 1st: Eldon is looking for some home furnishings!!

Answer: Eldon was at Cashmere Home Furnishings. What a wonderful place to get things for your home!!!

December 2nd: Eldon is getting some business cards made!!

Answer: Eldon went to the Paperworks Company. They are great people and can help with any of your copy needs!!!

December 2nd: Ellie and Elliot are looking at Spartan Shirts!!

Answer: They went to Fieldhouse Gear. A great place to get screen printing done and any type of Spartan clothing!!!

December 3rd: Eldon is at a craft show!!!

Answer: Eldon is at the Bixby Community Center. It is a great place for so many activities. Drop by and see what is going on!!!

December 3rd: Ellie and Elliot are getting pictures made!!!

Answer: Ellie and Elliot are at Kathy Sue Photography. If you want some portraits made, she is a wonderful photographer.!!!

December 4th: Eldon is having some Fajitas

Answer: Eldon is at Tijuana’s Grill. They have wonderful food. Please check them out!!!

December 5th: Eldon is getting house remodeling prices!!!

Answer: Eldon was at Restoration by Helms. They are awesome and can make your home look wonderful!!!

December 5th: Ellie and Eldon are renting the Hub!!!

Answer:  Ellie and Elliot visited the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce. They can help you with almost anything!!!

December 6th: Eldon is getting a new security system!!!


The Bixby Historical Society 

would like to thank the following businesses for hosting Eldon and his grand children

Ellie and Elliot during their visit to Bixby.

City of Bixby
Cashmere Homes
Sunkissed Sugared and Styled
Apple Barrel
Jenny’s Chop Shop
Bixby Public Schools
Bixby Flower Basket
Kathy Sue Photography
The Paperwork Company

Western Associates – Neat Stuff
Fieldhouse Gear
Renovation by Helms
Bixby Ice Cream Company
Alltech Security Systems
Scott’s Hamburgers
Just Fur Dogs
Guthrie Realty
Bixby Community Center
Stacy’s Hair Salon
Family Traditions Hair Salon

Copper Key Coffeehouse
Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce
Bixby Public Library
Soul II Sole Performing Arts
RE/MAX Advanced
Johnson’s Stepping Stone Café
BTC Broadband
1907 Cantina
The Escape Hatch
Hold Fast Gear
Blue Sky Technologies