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Korean War Casualty Index

Tulsa Co. OK

U.S. military personnel who died from hostile action (including missing and captured) in the Korean War, 1950-1957 – Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The date of casualty is the date died or declared dead, not the date declared missing or captured. Army lists county, only; Air Force, Navy and Marines list city or town or place.

Data Look-up by email is available free of charge at Bixby Historical Society. Information includes name, branch of service, date of death & casualty status.

Albey, James D.
Bachus, Richard E.
Brown, Frank L.
Brown, Lawrence R.
Cain, Sidney G.
Cheatham, James Jr.
Clark, Bobby J.
Coffey, Jack D.
Collins, Albert Harvey
Conner, Gerald W.
Cowart, Garey S. Jr.
Cunningham, Raymond
Dewitt, John Franklin
Dorrell, Thomas A.
Dotson, Cecil F.
Eason, James L.
Fine, Darrell Eugene
Forrester, Kenneth
Gates, William C. Jr.
Green, Robert E.
Hale, Ernest
Haney, Marvin A.
Harris, Robert L.
Howell, Howard Dempsey
Huck, Raymond E.
Hudson, Robert W.
Hutton, Louie E.
Johnson, Charles F.
Jones, Walter L.
King, John W.
Layton, Robert Hollace
Ledbetter, Staffard
Leech, James Robert
Lorah, Roy Lynn
Marsh, James Howard Jr.
McDougal, Leslie D.
McKinney, Daniel Worth
Mehlhorn, Dale B.
Moreland, Harry D.
Muse, Earl L.
Nims, Bruce Kelly
Orvin, Lewis Russell
Patterson, Billy J.
Powers, Joe H Jr.
Rigney, Keith B.
Scott, Charles Lee
Sharp, Nathaniel M.
Smith, H. J.
Talbert, Edward A.
Trader, Jack Dale
Trimble, William J.
VanDenhende, Gerald
Ward, Donald J.
Ward, Harold B. Jr.
Warren, Courtney Van
Whitford, James Willis Jr.
Willis, Sylvester