Area Vietnam Casualty Index

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Area Vietnam Casualty Index

Military Personnel Including MIA Declared Dead – 1957 – 1995

Data Look-up by email is available free of chargeat Bixby Historical Society. Information includes name, branch of service, home of records, birth and death.

Anderson, Kenneth Ray
Barnes, Herbert Spencer
Barnett, Gary Keith
Black, Walter Curtis, Jr.
Boston, Grover Wesley
Bruner, David
Carter, Merle Keith
Carver, Billy Kay
Davis, Ray Elbert
Faught, Frank Edwin
Frazier, Fred R., Jr.
Frazier, Gene Allen
Gainer, John Robert
Goddard, Robert G.
Henshaw, Larry Roy
Humphreys, Larry Don
Hutson, Ronald Wayne
James, Ricky Lynn
Knight, Michael Perry
Lucas, Paul David
McDonell, Terry Keith
Neely, Donald Lee
Pendergrass, James W.
Perryman, Dallis
Powell, David Bruce, Jr.
Pulliam, Edgar R, Jr.
Rankin, Kenneth Dean
Sanders, Phillip Duane
Sloat, Donald Paul
Tiffy, Danny William
Ware, Orten Lee
Wilson, Richard Lee
Young, Ronald Herman
Young, William Glenn