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Leonard & Marker Funeral Home

Submitted by Mike & Pam Marker

Leonard Funeral Home of Bixby was founded on January 1, 1920 by Mr. & Mrs. Floyd C. Leonard with a one hundred dollar bill that was given to the couple as a wedding present. The initial building was located across the street from the present funeral home that is now at 118 North Armstrong in downtown Bixby.

Many longtime residents remember the generosity of Mr. Leonard when he would hand out candy and fruit to the children during the Christmas holidays in what is now known as Charlie Young Park. For many of these children growing up in very difficult economic times, this was the only Christmas present they received.

Mr. Leonard died in a farming accident in 1935. The business was managed and operated by Mrs. Leonard until 1938 when Mr. Joe Neas became the owner and funeral director. He acted as such until his death in 1976.

At that point, Mr. & Mrs. Leon Cowell purchased the business and operated it until June 26, 1992. Mr. Cowell had been affiliated with the funeral home as either an employee or the owner for over 46 years.

Since 1992, the present owners and funeral directors are Mike and Pam Marker. The name of the business changed shortly after this time to Leonard & Marker Funeral Home.

Mike & Pam Marker, Leonard & Marker Funeral Home of Bixby, P. O. Box 266, 6521 E. 151st St., P.O. Box 266, Bixby, OK 74008, 918.366.8288, 918.366.8292 fax, info@LeonardMarkerFunerals.com.