Bixby Township – 1910 – Surnames V – Y

Census Records

Bixby Township – 1910 – Surnames V – Y 2017-10-29T15:28:06-05:00

Bixby Township

1910 US Federal Census

Surnames Beginning With V – Y

Head Of Household & Individuals Living Independently

Enumeration Districts 212 & 213

· V ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Frank Varner 1888 Missouri White Male
Leonard Vaughan 1862 Missouri White Male
Harvey W Vaught 1874 Arkansas White Male
Oliver J Vaught 1882 Arkansas White Male
Madison Viers 1872 Ohio White Male

· Y ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Alvin D Yeager 1880 Missouri White Male
Marion F Young 1877 Missouri White Male

· W ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Allen Walker 1861 Missouri White Male
Wm L Walker 1881 Pennsylvania White Male
Dell D Wamsley 1871 Illinois White Male
Thomas Ware 1858 Indiana Colored Male
Ben F Warren 1855 Missouri White Male
Dee Waters 1885 Texas Colored Male
Frank Waters 1888 Texas Colored Male
Richard Waters 1890 Texas Colored Male
Benjamin F Waterson 1858 Texas White Male
Rillie Watson 1879 Oklahoma not shown Female
Adalaska Watts 1857 Illinois White Male
Michael M Weater 1877 Pennsylvania White Male
Charles Weaver 1854 New York White Male
Menno Weaver 1883 Illinois White Male
William M Weaver 1845 Maryland White Male
Charles H Weirick 1884 Illinois White Male
James O Weirick 1881 Illinois White Male
William H Weirick 1843 Ohio White Male
Eugene P Wells 1859 Alabama White Male
Welton W Welpton 1878 Iowa White Male
Frank Waymeyer 1887 Missouri White Male
Elmira Weymeyer 1879 Missouri White Female
Sarah Weymeyer 1861 Missouri White Female
Jesse Whetherly 1888 Arkansas White Male
Andrew B White 1875 Kentucky White Male
Florence White 1894 Arkansas White Female
Melison White 1849 Tennessee White Female
Sam White 1881 Arkansas White Male
Thomas W White 1877 Arkansas White Male
William E White 1863 Illinois White Male
Wm White 1880 Mississippi Colored Male
William Whitmire 1883 Arkansas White Male
Fred B Whittlesley 1874 Kansas White Male
Asher Wickham 1860 Ohio White Male
Louis Wiengartner 1885 Ohio White Male
Edward Wiggins 1858 Missouri White Male
Hiram H Wilcox 1866 Michigan White Male
Fred Wilder 1878 Indiana White Male
George W Wiles 1872 Kentucky White Male
Alvin Willeford 1898 Texas White Male
Alex Williams 1879 Mississippi White Male
Henry O Williams 1872 Kansas White Male
Sam Williams 1875 Texas Colored Male
Thomas Williams 1859 Illinois White Male
William H Williams 1841 Illinois White Male
Izora Willie 1882 Kansas White Female
Guy Willison 1874 Ohio White Male
James T Wilmott 1875 Missouri White Male
Elmer Wilson 1875 Ohio White Male
George Wilson 1890 Pennsylvania White Male
Louis S Wilson 1878 Ohio White Male
Mathew E Wilson 1869 Illinois White Male
Wilbur W Windsor 1887 Illinois White Male
August E Wolfe 1887 Missouri White Male
David H Wolfe 1866 Missouri White Male
Frank Wolfe 1887 Nebraska White Male
Thomas W Wonus 1880 Illinois White Male
Dollie Wood 1873 Missouri White Female
Lawrence Wood 1901 Missouri White Male
Allen Woods 1867 Ohio White Male
Earl Woods 1888 Missouri White Male
Chas Woodward 1881 Pennsylvania White Male
Andrey Wooten 1898 Oklahoma White Female
Wesley Wooten 1888 Oklahoma White Male
Wm Wooten 1901 Oklahoma White Male
Sarah Workheiser 1847 Pennsylvania White Female
Seth Worstell 1852 Illinois White Male
Henderson W Wortham 1853 Missouri White Male
Moses F Wosstell 1882 Missouri White Male
William Wray 1887 not shown White Male