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History Tidbits

Green Corn Festival

Corn or maize, was the most important food to the Creeks and had a great significance for the life of the tribe. It was natural that many ceremonies were connected with it. The most festive occasion for the Creeks was the Green Corn Ceremony. This was the celebration of the first ripening of the corn in summer and served as the tribal new year. The complex rites of the Green Corn Ceremony lasted for about eight days. Songs, dances and games were played during the week. The circle and the campsites were cleaned. A specially appointed fire-maker would arrange four logs crosswise and build a new fire. The fire was considered to have considerable sacred power. The men and women drank a black herb mixture that cleaned and purified their bodies. They then fasted before the new corn was tasted for the first time. After the purification process, preparation for the dances was made and feasting began. Muscogee Creek Heritage

1832 Creek Orphans

Part of this Creek Orphan trust fund was paid out in January-March 1883 to approximately 573 Creek orphans (or their heirs). Each orphan was entitled to $532.32. Given that most of the original orphans had died by the time this payment was made the majority of the money was divided to their heirs.
Oklahoma Historical Society

Leonard OK

Leonard was established in 1907 by L. E. Reynolds. Located at S27 TS17N R14E, on Highway 64 at the Tulsa & Wagoner Counties Line, Leonard is in the extreme southeastern portion of Tulsa County, southeast of Bixby. Leonard Post Office was established 22 Aug 1908. The post office zip code is 74043. The first store in Leonard was operated by Jerry Bentley; the second by Ernest Randolph. Joe Randolph was the first postmaster in town. Leonard exists today as an unincorporated community.