Concharty Township

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Concharty Township

(Stone Bluff)

Submitted by Debi Young

Prior to statehood this geographic area, known as Concharty, was a part of the Creek Nation Recording District No.7, in Indian Territory. On Nov.29, 1909, the township sections (one mile by one mile square) located in Range 14, East & Township 17, North formerly a part of Wagoner Co., were transferred to Tulsa Co. This includes the area lying south of East 121st Street South, in Southeastern Tulsa Co.

Today this area comprises the Southern City of Broken Arrow & the town of Leonard, formerly a part of Wagoner Co. The County boundaries between Wagoner & Tulsa Co., was relined in 1909, to place the perspective east-west county line along a straight line where range14, east & 15, east meet. This boundary coincides with south 193 East Ave., known locally as county line road.

Concharty was an early trading post located at the confluence of the Concharty Creek into the Arkansas River. This site is north of Haskell, in Muskogee Co., but adjoining the Stone Bluff Township in Wagoner Co. The settlement was named for Concharty Micco, a Creek delegate to the Dawes Commission. A Post Office was established there Nov.6, 1894 and discontinued on Sept.9, 1897. Joshua H. Cudjo was appointed the Postmaster. Today the settlement of Concharty does not exist; however the name Concharty is used to designate a Creek and a Cemetery site located in Stone Bluff Township Wagoner Co. OK.

An 1891 Perryman Map of The Creek Nation shows Councharty as Town 5, on Cane Creek near present day Leonard. The Speck & Debo Map locate Concharty south of Haskell, where Concharty Creek flows into the Arkansas River.

Stone Bluff Township, 6 miles west of Haskell, was named for a crossroad settlement and railroad depot with the same names. The name was derived from the nearby stone bluffs formed on the north face of the Conjada Mountain, over looking the Arkansas River. A Post Office was established May 28,1897 and closed Aug.31, 1955. Conjada is a Creek word meaning Marble Candy. Conjada Mountain is known, locally, as Concharty Mountain.

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