Brick Fundraising Campaign – Laying a historical foundation, paving a way to a bright future.

Brick Fundraising Campaign – Laying a historical foundation, paving a way to a bright future. 2021-09-15T16:32:39-05:00

About Our Fundraiser

We are in Phase 2 of building on the Bixby Historical Society grounds. Phase 1 was completed this summer with the revitalization of the Scale House. Phase 2 is  Plummer’s Station.

Plummer’s Station was built in 1921, and this year marks its 100th anniversary. The station provided a vital service facility and gateway to the Albert Pike  Highway which gave access to the Arkansas River bridge, which was the first vehicle traffic and longest bridge west of the Mississippi at that time. Martha Plummer Roberts donated the land to the Bixby Historical Society in 1983 and the Station was to serve as a source of revenue for the Society. In 2015, a storm blew through the town ripping parts of the metal tile roof. Completion of a new metal tile roof in 2018, was the start of the first component for the restoration of Plummer’s Station. In the spring of this year the Historical Society started the second restoration component which consists of re-tuck pointing the exterior brick, new windows, doors, and a new concrete slab under the portico. The final component of this renovation will be the expansion of the building to the north and restoration of the interior. The Historical Society plans to lease the renovated building to a business that will attract patrons and tourists daily to the downtown River District while enjoying the History of our area and traveling exhibits on the Historical Society grounds..

The Bixby Historical Society  thanks you for your support.

Brick by Brick

Laying a historical foundation, paving the way to a bright future

Brick Options

4×8 Brick

  • 3 lines of 18 character personalization

  • 3 lines of 10 character personalization with graphic on left or right side (includes spaces and punctuation)

4x8 Sample brick with graphic
4x8 Sample brick

8×8 Brick + Organization

  • 6 lines of 18 character personalization

  • 3 lines of 18 character personalization (includes spaces and punctuation)

  • Organization/Corp Level: option to add custom logo

8x8 Sample brick
4x8 Sample organization brick with custom graphic

Replica Brick

Want one for yourself? Order an exact replica of the installation brick ordered, except it has rubber feet to easily display on a desk or mantel. Replicas ship directly to your home or office.

Graphics and Logos

That’s My Brick! can create a truly unique brick for you or your company. All approved graphics can be found online at:

Organization Brick

Add a custom or business logo to your brick. Get your image approved by That’s My Brick! before placing your order. Please email with:

  • Black and white file of your custom logo
  • Please notate that it is for “bixbyhs”
  • That’s My Brick will notify you if the logo is approved and ready to order.

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