About Bixby Historical Society

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Bixby, Oklahoma

Located in the Creek Nation along the banks of the Arkansas River in Southside Tulsa County

Bixby Historical Society is a nonprofit corporation, operating under the Laws of the Great State of Oklahoma, with membership open the the public. Meetings are held quarterly. The public is welcome to attend. Direct inquiries to

Bixby Historical Society
P. O. Box 1046
Bixby OK 74008
(918) 366-1200

Our Mission

Bixby Historical Society is maintained to:

Discover, collect, and preserve material of historic value, while providing educational programs and exhibits, bringing together, and encouraging people interested history.

Bixby Historical Society Museum

The Bixby Historical Society Museum islocated at 24 East McKennon Street, on the corner of McKennon and Montgomery Streets in Bixby OK. Currently the museum is open by appointment only. Individual and tour appointments may be arrainged by contacting (918) 366-1200 or email us at: history@bixbyhistoricalsociety.com.

Museum Hours
Tuesday 9:00AM to 2:00pm
Thursday 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm
 Closed on Holidays

Membership Fee Schedule

Annual Individual Membership – $15
Annual Family Membership  – $25 (Children under the age of 18)
Annual Business Membership  – $100 
Click here for a membership application.

Annual membership dues help maintain the Bixby Historical Society Museum Complex. Dues, also, fund publications, postage, museum & office supplies and Bixby Historical Society activity.

Meet The Folks At Bixby Historical Society

Victoria OltmannPresident
Peggy Ward1st Vice President
Amanda Earsom2nd Vice President
Sandra CoxTreasurer
Melissa SmithSecretary
Jody GreeneBoard Member

Board of Trustees

Jerry Farrar, Chairman
Loueen Morgan
Curtis Evans
Helen Henderson
Jayne Bowen
Jack Selby


Financial Committee
Financial Secretary/Chairman Peggy Ward
Sandra Cox, Treasurer

Special Events Committee
Victoria Oltmann, Chairman

Museum Property Planning Committee
Jerry Farrar, Chairman
Nicole Watts
Jayne Bowen
Richard Oltmann

Website, Facebook and Newsletter Committee
Richard Oltmann
Melissa Smith