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Our Purpose and Mission

Bixby Historical Society was incorporated November 9, 1983 in Bixby, Oklahoma, to provide educational opportunities about the history of Bixby and the surrounding area. It is maintained by volunteers, private donations and fund raising projects. The major missions of the Bixby Historical Society are to:

Discover, collect, and preserve material of historic value, while providing educational programs and exhibits, bringing together, and encouraging people interested history.

Museum Hours

Tuesday               9am to 2pm

Thursday             2pm to 7pm

Saturday              9am to 2pm

Individual and tour appointments may be arranged by contacting (918) 366-1200

or email us at: history@bixbyhistoricalsociety.com.

Donations to Bixby Historical Society help maintain the museum compound. The Society has no paid employees.

The Bixby Historical Society’s Plummers Scale House Museum has been completed and is now open for business. Work has now begun on Plummer’s Station on The Historical Society Grounds

The outside walls of Plummer’s Station have been tuckpointed, new windows have been installed and the new front door is on its way. We are very excited with this project.  Plummers station is now 101 years old and our plans for its future are going to be spectacular.

We would like to thank the following companies for their hard work on the Scale House.

Please visit their sites and support them as they have helped and supported the Historical Society.

Aspen Plumbing          C.W.CO Electrical         Windows by Jeff     

   Renovations by Helms        Banker Heat and Air       

Randy Roberts          American Waste Control         

CIA Demolition          Klaus Flooring