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 Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Eldon T. Bixby. I am 114 years young and arrived by train on a cold December day. I was named for Tams Bixby, my godfather. Tams handed down a magic candy cane for me to watch over the town and its citizens. I have been to war with my   brothers and sisters and have shucked corn by my family’s side and even raised a barn or two. For the past several years I have been on an adventure of a lifetime touring our great state of Oklahoma and the Country. I had so much fun visiting everyone last year, I jumped for joy when the Bixby Historical Society asked me to spend my holidays again with you. I invite each of you to come with me as I travel through downtown Bixby! Each day I will post a clue of where I will be visiting in Bixby. Keep checking  and follow me as I travel through Bixby.

Hello Everyone I am in Bixby now and I hope you have picked up one of my Travel Logs. They are in several of the businesses of you can get one here. Just download that and print it. To help everyone out I have decided to give the clues to the places I am visiting and then I told the Historical Society to give the answers. Follow me as I travel through our great town and then we can meet on the December 23rd to award the prizes!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30th Clue: Eldon is in a zoom meeting. Answer: I was at City Hall on a zoom meeting with my friends across the country.

December 1st Clue: Eldon is checking for upcoming events. Answer: I was at the Bixby Community Center getting me a piece of Candy Cane.

December 2nd Clue: Eldon is buying some land. Answer: I was at Guthrie Real Estate. Did you see the the nice Nutcracker next to me?

December 3rd Clue: Eldon is picking up some flyers. Answer: I was at the Paperwork Company sitting on the couch with my new best friend!!!

December 4th Clue: Eldon is buying some Spartan Hoodies. Answer: I went to Field House Gear and looked at the presents in the window!!!

December 5th Clue: Eldon is choosing a color for his new car. Answer: I went to Primeaux Mitsubishi. The showed me how to sell a car, but I was not too successful. Maybe next year!!!

December 6th Clue: Eldon is enjoying a stack of pancakes. Answer: I was at the Apple Barrel Cafe!!  I am so full from pancakes!!!!

December 7th Clue: Eldon is checking his picture with Santa. Answer: I was at Kathy Sue Photography. My picture was great with Santa!!!

December 8th Clue: Eldon is getting ready for a dance recital. Answer: I was at Soul II Sole Performing arts. I need more practice!!!!

December 8th Clue: Eldon needs a trim. Answer: I was at Stacy’s Hair Salon. I look so much better with that haircut!!!

December 9th Clue: Eldon is brightening up his smile. Answer: I went to Spartan Family Dentistry. I do not want to get any cavities!!!

December 9th Clue: Eldon is getting a burger and fries. Answer: I went to Scott’s Hamburgers. Di you see me on The TV I had the controls!!!!!!

December 10th Clue: Eldon is doing a little Christmas shopping. Answer: I was at Thrifty Treads getting some clothes for my friends for Christmas.

December 10th Clue: Eldon is grooming a special puppy. Answer: I was at Just Fur Dogs helping get the dogs all cleaned and ready for the holidays.

December 11th Clue: Eldon is getting new insurance Answer: I was at Robin Denham Farmers Insurance checking out new insurance and watching the Rotary Club of Bixby Christmas parade.

December 12th Clue: Eldon is looking at Antique Hot Wheels. Answer: I was at Red Beard’s Treasure Chest. They have lots of great stuff there. Did you see me in the window??

December 13th Clue: Eldon is part of the Ballet. Answer: I was at the Ballerina window. I got to be part of the Nutcracker Ballet. Did you see me on the horse?

December 14th Clue: Eldon is among the lollypops. Answer: I was at the Bixby Public Schools administration building. I was in the window with all the great snowflakes made by the 3rd graders!!!

December 14th Clue: Eldon is checking out his favorite book. Answer: I was at the Bixby Library getting some books to read.

December 15th Clue: Eldon is checking on his investments. Answer: I was at Hoffman Wealth Management. Did you see me?????

December 16th Clue: Eldon is listing a house. Answer:  I was at RE/MAX realtors. They are great people!!!!

December 17th Clue: Eldon is having some fried chicken. Answer: I was outside Stepping Stones Café. Drop by after New Years when they are open again!!!!!

December 18th Clue: Eldon is picking up some flowers. Answer: I was at the Flower Basket. Did you see me with Santa??????

December 19th Clue: Eldon needs some new tools. Answer: Sutherlands is the coolest place to get new tools. Check them out!!!!!!!!!!!

December 19th Clue: Eldon is getting a perm. Answer: I was at Family Traditions getting my hair ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 20th Clue: Eldon is updating his family history. Answer: I was at the Bixby Historical Society Office. Did you see me in the Christmas tree? 

December 21st Clue: Eldon is paying his phone bill. Answer: I was at the BTC Broadband  Office in Downtown. Did you see me in the window?

December 21st Clue: Eldon is with Santa in the big chair. Answer: I was at Western Associates Neat Stuff. That is the biggest Chair I have seen. 

December 22nd Clue: Eldon is checking on his renovations. Answer: I am at Renovations by Helms. There is a big snowman behind me!!!!!

December 23rd Clue: Eldon is getting ready for the prize drawings at Henry Primeaux Mitsubishi at 3:30. Answer:  Come down to Henry Primeaux and see who wins.

If you are not able to drop off your log at the community center or Henry Primeaux Mitsubishi – Then take a picture of it or copy it and email it to: If you are going to drop it off at the community center I  just found out they close at 11:30AM. You can still get them to  Henry Primeaux Mitsubishi until 3:30PM





The Bixby Historical Society would like to thank the following business for

hosting Eldon during his visit to Bixby