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  Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Eldon T. Bixby. I am 112 years young and arrived by train on a cold December day. I was named for Tams Bixby, my godfather. Tams handed down a magic candy cane for me to watch over the town and its citizens. I have been to war with my   brothers and sisters and have shucked corn by my family’s side and even raised a barn or two. For the past several years I have been on an adventure of a lifetime touring our great state of Oklahoma and the Country.I had so much fun visiting everyone last year, I jumped for joy when the Bixby Historical Society asked me to spend my holidays again with you. I invite each of you to come with me as I travel through downtown Bixby! Each day I will post a clue of where I will be visiting in Bixby. Keep checking  and follow me as I travel through Bixby

If you need a copy of my travel log from my passport you can find it here

November 26th:  Clue: Eldon Is Helping Santa at the Armory !!   I was at the Armory helping Santa sort all the mail. Drop by and check out the great snowflakes!!!!!!!!

November 27th:  Clue: Eldon Is Picking up his Fresh Flowers !!  I was visiting The Bixby Flower Basket today. They let me ride the reindeer. The flowers are wonderful here. Drop by and get some for the holidays!!!!

November 28th:  Clue: Eldon is Picture Perfect with Santa !! I was at Kathy Sue Photography. I was helping taking pictures for Christmas. Did you see me in the window with a camera. Come by and get your picture taken!!!!!!

November 29th:  Clue: Eldon is “Quacked Up” Today !!!!!! I visited the great people at AFLAC today. They let em sit in the window on the Christmas Wreath. Come by and visit with them about Insurance Needs!!!!

November 30th:  Clue: Eldon is Making Some Copies !! I visited my friends at the Paperworks Company. They let em use the BIG copier to make some pictures of myself. They can help you in any of your printing needs. Drop by and visit with them!!!!

December 1st:  Clue: Eldon is Buying a New Car Today !!!!!  The gang at Primeaux Mitsubishi are great people. They let me test drive a car. If you need a car please visit them!!!!

December 2nd: Clue: Eldon Is at the Gingerbread House! I was at the Gingerbread House display on Armstrong street. That is a really neat house. Everyone need to come see it!!!!!!!!

December 3rd: Clue: Eldon is Visiting the Story Time Kids!!! I visited the Library and read with the kids. If you want a good book drop by and check one out!!!!!

December 4th: Clue: Eldon is Practicing his Dance Steps!!  I was at Soul II Sole and learned same really nice dance moves. They are great people stop by and see them!!!!!

December 5th:  Clue: Eldon is Selling one of his Houses!  Was at RE/MAX today and they are getting my house ready for sale. I am sure they can help you too!!!!!!!!

December 6th:  Clue: Eldon Is Having Pie and Coffee!!  That was a great pie I had at Stepping Stone Cafe. Drop by and take one out. I may be on the naughty list for eating the WHOLE pie !!!!!!!

December 7th:  Clue: Eldon is Checking on his Phone Service!  BTC made sure I had GIG Internet and great phone service. They were great help. The Nutcracker is really cool!!!!!!

December 9th: Clue: Eldon is Joining the 11 Pipers Piping!!  Oh that was so much fun. They taught me how to play Christmas tunes on their flutes!!!!

December 10th:   Clue: Eldon Is meeting the Superintendent!  I met the new Superintendent. He is a very nice man and then I hid in all the snowflakes on the windows. The 3rd Grade did such a wonderful job!!!!!

December 11th:   Clue: Eldon’s Insurance is “In Good Hands”!  I visited the Allstate Agency. They are checking everything out to make sure I am “In Good Hands” Give Aaron a call!!!!!

December 12th:  Clue: Eldon needs some Home Renovations!  Visited Renovations by Helms today. I think they are the right people for some home improvements. I am sure they can help you too!!!!!!

December 13th:  Clue: Eldon is Checking on his Wealth Today!! I visited Hoffmann Wealth management today. He is reviewing all my assets. Drop by and see if he can help you and your family!!!!!!!

December 14th: Clue: Eldon is is Insuring his New Car!!!  I got a new car and went  to Farmers Insurance to get it insured. Robin let me stay late and I had the best seat in the house for the Parade. Come by her office, it is so beautiful!!!!!!!

December 15thClue: Eldon is  Getting a Burger and Fries !!!!!  I was at Scott’s Hamburgers. The Fries are awesome. Come by and get a great burger!!!!!!!

December 16th: Clue: Eldon is in a Forest of Trees Today!! I was in the festival of the trees window on the corner of Dawes and Armstrong. What a beautiful display. Check out all the wonderful CHristmas Windows in Downtown. Vicki did a wonderful job!!!!!

December 17th: Clue: Eldon is Buying some Land Today!!!  Visited Guthrie Realty today and they are looking for a nice place to build a new vacation home. Come by and see if they can help you out!!!!

December 18th: Clue: Eldon Is Checking Out Some Books!  I went back to the library. I had to return my books. Drop by and check out some books!!!

December 19th: Clue: Eldon is Getting a New Roof!!! I was at Precise Roofing. They said they could get my roof fixed. If you need help with your roof, give them a call!!!!

December 20th: Clue: Eldon Is at the Community Center!! I went to community center to see all my friends there!!!!

December 2oth: Time to turn in your Passports. Don’t forget your name and phone number. They will pick a winner on the 21st. I had a great time, I hope you had just as much fun following me through Bixby. See you next year and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bixby Historical Society would like to thank the following business for

hosting Eldon during his visit to Bixby


Bixby Public Schools

Bixby Flower Basket

Kathy Sue Photography


The Paperwork Company

Primeaux Mitsubishi

Blue Sky Technologies

Bixby Public Library

Soul II Sole Performing Arts


Johnson’s Stepping Stone Café

BTC Broadband

Fieldhouse Gear

Aaron Lee – Allstate

Renovation by Helms

Hoffmann Wealth Management

Robin Decatur  –  Farmers Insurance

Scott’s Hamburgers

Precise Roofing and Contracting

Guthrie Realty

Bixby Community Center

Linda Boles

Scott Cooksey

Bixby Historical Society