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 Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Eldon T. Bixby. I am 115 years young and arrived by train on a cold December day. I was named for Tams Bixby, my godfather. Tams handed down a magic candy cane for me to watch over the town and its citizens. I have been to war with my   brothers and sisters and have shucked corn by my family’s side and even raised a barn or two. For the past several years I have been on an adventure of a lifetime touring our great state of Oklahoma and the Country. I had so much fun visiting everyone last year, I brought my great grandchildren Ellie and Elliot with me  this year to spend our holidays with you. I invite each of you to come with us as we travel through downtown Bixby! Each day I will post a clue of where we will be visiting in Bixby. Keep checking  and follow us as we travel through Bixby.

Hello Everyone we are in Bixby now and I hope you have picked up one of our Travel Logs. They are in several of the businesses or you can get one here. Just download that and print it. To help everyone out I have decided to give the clues to the places we are visiting and then I told the Historical Society to give the answers. Follow us as we travel through our great town and then we can meet on the December22nd to award the prizes!!!!!!!!!!!

November 25th Clue: Eldon Ellie and Elliot are at the Festival of the Trees opening ceremony!!!

 Answer: We are at the Leonard Tree watching the lights turn on.

November 26th Clue: Eldon is checking out Rapid Care!!!

 Answer: Eldon was at Rapid Care.

November 27th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are hungry for some pizza!!!

 Answer: Ellie and Elliot are at Brick brothers pizza at the Christmas tree having a piece of pizza.

November 28th Clue: Eldon is looking for some more Hot Wheels!!!

 Answer: I was at Red Beard’s Treasure Chest checking out the Hot Wheels  and all the nice Christmas decorations!!!

November 29th Clue: Eldon is checking on a business permit!!!

 Answer: I was at the City of Bixby getting an application for a new business!!!!!

November 30th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are checking out classes!!!

 Answer: We were at the Community Center. They have some great classes coming up for everyone and ping pong!!!!!

December 1st Clue: Eldon is checking out new leather items!!!!

 Answer: I was at Hold Fast Gear. They make all the leather items!!!!!!!

December 2nd Clue: Eldon is buying some land!!!!

 Answer: I was at Guthrie Realty. They were great help!!!!!

December 3rd Clue: Eldon is picking up some flyers!!!!

 Answer: I was at the Paperwork Company. They are the place if you need flyers!!!!

December 4th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are getting Spartan gear!!!!

 Answer: We were at Fieldhouse Gear. They have great clothes!!!!

December 5th Clue: Eldon is looking for a new fire pit!!!!

 Answer: I was at Sutherlands. What a great place to shop!!!!!

December 6th Clue: Eldon want to become a chamber member!!!

 Answer: I was at the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce. What a great new office!!!!

December 7th Clue: Eldon Ellie and Elliot are getting a Family Picture!!!!

 Answer:  We got our family pictures  taken at Kathy Sue Photography. What a great day!!!

December 8th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are taking a dance class!!!!!

 Answer:  We were at Soul II Sole. They are great teachers!!!!

December 8th Clue: Eldon needs a trim!!!!!

 Answer: I was at Stacy’s Hair Salon. She did a great job. Check her out!!!!!

December 9th Clue: Eldon getting a coffee and scone!!!!!

 Answer: I was at Copper Key Coffeehouse. their coffee is awesome!!!!!

December 9th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are having a burger and fries!!!!!

 Answer:  We were at Scotts hamburgers. that lunch hit the spot!!!!

December 10th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are helping to groom dogs!!!!!

 Answer:  We were at Just Fur Dogs. That was so much fun!!!!

December 10th Clue: Eldon is doing a little Christmas shopping!!!!!

 Answer: I went to Thrifty Threads and got some great presents!!!!!

 December 11th Clue: Eldon is updating his home insurance!!!!!

 Answer: I was at Farmers Insurance and got to also watch the Parade. It was a great day!!!

 December 11th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are having Ice Cream!!!!!

 Answer: We were at The Bixby Ice Cream Company. We love ice cream!!!!

 December 12th Clue: Eldon Ellie and Elliot are making Ice Sculptures!!!!!

 Answer:  We were in the Ice Sculpture window on Armstrong!!!!!

 December 13th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are checking out a book!!!!!

 Answer:  We went to the Bixby Public Library. They have great books

 December 13th Clue: Eldon is checking on his house renovations!!!!!

 Answer: I stopped by Renovations by Helms. They are awesome!!!!

 December 14th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are among the lollipops!!!!!

 Answer: We were at the school administration building. Did you find us!!!

 December 15th Clue: Eldon is renting a U-Haul!!!!!

 Answer: I was at Primeaux Dealership. If you need a U- Haul they have one!!!!!!

 December 16th Clue: Eldon is buying a vacation home!!!!

 Answer: I was at RE/MAX Advanced. They are very helpful!!!!!!

 December 17th Clue: Ellie and Elliot are having pot roast!!!!

 Answer: We were at Johnston’s Stepping Stones Cafe. It was wonderful!!!!

 December 18th Clue: Eldon is buying a poinsettia!!!!

 Answer:  I was at Bixby Flower Basket. They are great!!!!

 December 19th Clue: Eldon is paying his phone bill!!!!

 Answer: I was at BTC Broadband. Such nice people!!!!

 December 20th Clue: Eldon Elliot and Ellie are looking for promotional Items!!!!

 Answer: we were at Neat Stuff Western Associates. They have great items there!!!!

 December 21st Clue: Eldon is getting a cavity filled!!!!

 Answer: I was at Spartan Family Dentistry. I feel much better now!!!!

 December 21st Clue: Elliot and Ellie are getting their hair done!!!!

 Answer: We got our hair cut at Family Traditions Hair Salon!!!!!

 December 22nd Clue: Eldon Elliot are all over town getting ready for the Drawing at 3:30 today at The Bixby Ice Cream Company. Don’t forget to turn in your passports today at the Community Center or the Library. You can also email them to

 Answer: After the Drawing we will head home for Christmas. But We Will be Back Next Year




The Bixby Historical Society would like to thank the following business for

hosting Eldon during his visit to Bixby


       Bixby Public Schools                           Bixby Flower Basket                  Kathy Sue Photography                                  The Paperwork Company

Primeaux Dealership                          City of Bixby                                  Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce         Bixby Public Library

Soul II Sole Performing Arts            RE/MAX Advanced                     Johnson’s Stepping Stone Café                   BTC Broadband

Spartan Family Dentistry                  Copper Key Coffeehouse          Brick Brothers Pizza                                        Hold Fast Gear

       Blue Sky Technologies                        Fieldhouse Gear                           Western Associates                                         Renovation by Helms

Bixby Ice Cream Company                Scott’s Hamburgers                    Just Fur Dogs                                                     Guthrie Realty

       Bixby Community Center                  Stacy’s Hair Salon                       Family Traditions Hair Salon                     Bixby Historical Society

       Red Beard’s Treasure Chest             Sutherlands                                   Thrifty Treads                                                    Rapid Care

      Derrick Henslee –  Farmers Insurance