Berryhill School At Bixby


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Berryhill School At Bixby

By Linda Boles

Berryhill School was built in 1902 on the corner of present day 161st and Harvard, west of Bixby. Andrew Berryhill built the rural school for his children to educate his many children. The school contained grades one through eight. William F. Applegate, who lived one mile west on Applegate Hill, is believed to have been the only teacher at the school.

Shortly after statehood, in 1907, the school was annexed into the Tulsa County-Bixby rural school system as a dependent of the Bixby School District. In 1915 the Berryhill School was closed and the students were consolidated with Central School, a new rural dependent of Bixby School District.

The Berryhill School building was sold to Bob and Ada Cummings after closing in 1915. Many years later, the building burned.